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Present Status of 500 MWe Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor (PFBR)

Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor components has been installed successfully.  Reactor assembly internals have been kept in poised condition for pre-heating prior to Sodium filling.  Innovative techniques/tools were developed and deployed to ensure complete cleanliness of reactor internals including dummy sub-assemblies and to maintain dust free environment.  Various mechanisms viz., fuel handling, under sodium scanning, periscope, eddy current flow meter and core monitoring thermocouples were checked for smooth performance within reactor assembly before filling nitrogen. The main drive motors for the sodium pumps have been commissioned under no load condition after integrating the variable frequency drive systems. The integrated performance of pumps and motors will be demonstrated after filling of sodium in the respective systems.

Installation and commissioning of all necessary instrumentation for the fresh fuel handling scheme starting from Fresh Fuel Transfer Cask to the Ex-vessel transfer port have been completed.  Further, as a part of technical demonstration, a full-scale mock-up drill has been carried out with the transfer of dummy fuel sub-assemblies within DAE campus to the fuel storage bay. Subsequently, the in-vessel fuel handling system has been commissioned.

Project is in advance stage of commissioning and many of the auxiliary systems were being operated on regular shift basis.  Integrated commissioning work has commenced and the project is marching ahead to achieve the remaining milestones.  The argon filled in the secondary sodium circuit and components housed within the steam generator building has been purified well below the specified purity levels and kept at pressure to ensure leak tightness.  In this process, smooth performance of sodium and gas valves has been perfected.  Based on the numerical simulation of the sodium melting process in sodium storage tanks, the heating sequence has been established and the prerequisite activities towards melting of sodium have been completed.

Movement of the In-Service Inspection(ISI) vehicle for Main Vessel bimetallic joint (DISHA) has been established on dedicated ISI mock-up facility.  The turbo generator system and power island were kept ready for power generation and connection to the southern gird.  A systematic procedure has been established for accomplishing the first criticality of PFBR smoothly. Application for sequential commissioning has been submitted to Atomic Energy Regulatory Board.